10 - 11 July 2019 Islamabad

11 - 13 February 2020 Lahore


Terms & Conditions For Exhibitors

  • Application for participation is to be made on the Prime Event Management
  • Application Form with advance payment. No Application is termed accepted without receipt of advance payment. Acceptance of participation & exhibits will be the sole discretion of organizer.
  • Full participation charge must be paid within the Payment deadline stated in the in contract form.
  • Space (Booths/Stalls) will be available on First Come First Serve basis.
  • Acceptance of participation & exhibits will be at the sole discretion of `Prime Event Management.
  • Exhibitors are also prohibited from subleasing or transferring the right to use the allocated booth to a third party.
  • The decision of Prime Event Management or their nominee will be final and binding on the participants on the interpretation of rules & regulations.
  • Payments in Pakistan have to be made in favor of Prime Event Management by Cheque / Pay Order / Draft.
  • Only Exhibitor Stall Building authorize Contractors shall construct Bare Scheme Stalls. However, the exhibitor should inform the complete detail of the stall maker to the organizer by July 20th by 12-00 noon.
  • This is Exhibitor’s responsibility to make sure the customize stall to be completed on or before August 2nd 4-00 pm in all respect inclusive of placement of all equipment, vinyl pasting and other activity.
  • All equipment and material loading, unloading and movement into the stall to be managed by the exhibitor at their own resources.
  • Shell Scheme Stalls are all uniform in design including fascia with Exhibitors' names. No alteration or addition is allowed to be made to the standard fascia & lettering by Exhibitors.
  • The Organizer will provide two chairs with one counter and three spot lights on each shell scheme.
  • All standard shells are framed with high quality material and the Exhibitors are forbidden to apply any poster, wall paper, paint, drilling, nail or screw on the panels; the Exhibitors, may however apply single or double-sided tapes on the existing panels.
  • If required, Exhibitor of Bare Space Scheme shall erect his own wall at edge and shall in no case use the partition wall of the adjacent exhibitor for any purpose. Height of the bare space stalls shall not exceed 2.4 meter at edge. In case it is higher, it may be taken up to a maximum of 4.5 m height beyond 1 m from the edge inside his booked space.
  • In case of non-compliance with the Rules & Regulations, the Organizer reserves the right to modify the stall layout during or after erection at the cost of Exhibitor. No glue, scotch tape, self-adhesive paper, screw, nail, spike, pin or paint shall be used on floors, walls, pillars or any part of the permanent Exhibition Hall Structure.
  • No pressurized container shall be used in the Exhibition Hall without the prior written approval of the Organizer.
  • The Exhibitor shall be responsible for the good conduct of his stall attendants.
  • The stall/booth shall not be left unattended at any time during the opening hours of the Exhibition.
  • The Exhibitor's staff must be present at the relevant stall/booth at least 30 minutes before opening and leave the Exhibition Hall not later than 30 minutes after closing.
  • All exhibits shall be confined to the area of the Exhibition space allocated to the Exhibitor; any exhibit place outside shall be confiscated.
  • The Exhibitor shall not conduct any sales activity outside its allocated stall/booth area.
  • Direct advertising by Exhibitor is not allowed outside his allocated stall space in the entire Expo Center premises including Boundary Grills, unless contracted for in written.
  • Any activity, particularly loud noise which in the opinion of the Organizer, causes nuisance or annoyance to others, shall not be undertaken by the Exhibitor, in particular, by the audiovisual equipment. The Organizer reserves the right to confiscate any such equipment, which in its opinion, is creating loud noise and is offensive to others.
  • The Organizer also reserves the right to disconnect power supply to such Exhibitors. If an exhibit is displayed in working, safety and precaution must be taken for protection of the visitors through legible signs of "DANGER - DO NOT TOUCH" in English, displayed on a prominent place to warn the public.
  • Rubber-tired trolleys must be deployed to move all goods over protective boarding, safeguarding the hall floors. The Exhibitor shall strictly follow the schedule for moving its exhibits and other articles into/out of its stall/booth, as per the No exhibit is allowed to be taken into the stall/booth once the Exhibition has been officially opened unless special permission is given by the Organizer.
  • All containers, packing items and any items or articles not for display, must be removed by the Exhibitor from the Exhibition Hall before the day of opening.
  • The Exhibitor shall be responsible for removal of all packaging waste and rubbish materials resulting from erection or dismantling from the Exhibition Hall. Storage facilities shall not be provided for packaging cases, surplus materials or other belongings of the Exhibitor.
  • All exhibits/component materials shall be removed soon after closure of the Exhibition and accomplished within 24 hours; materials left behind shall be deemed forsaken. The costs incurred for removal of any such item shall be borne by the Exhibitor.